The Elusive Shiny Trubbish

So I’m still looking for a shiny trubbish on route 110 in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. It has so far eluded me. I took my 3ds with me on May 1st to go see the avenger’s new movie. I live across the street from an AMC so I decided to go see it at 10am. Normally I wouldn’t even be awake at 10am but on this particular day I didn’t go to sleep so I was already awake and you can’t beat a 6 dollar ticket price for a matinee. So I took my 3ds with me to hunt for Trubbish while waiting for the movie to start. I got up to around 400 encounters total before the movie started and still no shiny! I closed my 3ds for the movie and it ended up dying in my pocket, but at least the movie was great!

Anyway I’m taking a short break from hunting to play some World of Warcraft and hopefully I can go back to hunting that shiny trubbish again with a clear head and no frustration tomorrow.

Wish me luck! And good luck to all you fellow shiny hunters! May the 4th be with you!!!


The Elusive Shiny Trubbish

Current Shiny Pokemon

Since I already have a lot of shiny pokemon before starting this blog I am going to list them here. These won’t have a photo but will have a sprite so you can see what they look like. BR stands for Battle Ready. IV stands for Individual Values which deal with stats. I usually don’t list how many IV’s the Pokemon have unless its a full set of 6.

1. Mew
2. Swampert
3. Charizard
4. Thundurus
5. Palkia x2
6. Dialga
7. Giratina
8. Regigigas
9. Latios (6IV)
10. Entei (6IV)
11. Ponyta
12. Shroomish
13. Rufflet
14. Poliwag
15. Barboach
16. Magikarp
17. Gyrados
18. Alomomola
19. Roselia
20. Beldum
21. Metang
22. Metagross
23. Wingull
24. Poochyena
25. Bulbasaur
26. Luxio
27. Ralts
28. Corphish
29. Fraxure
30. Wailmer
31. Carvahna
32. Relicanth
33. Aromatisse
34. Garchomp
35. Remoraid
36. Sandshrew
37. Zorua
38. Bisharp (BR/6IV)
39. Umbreon (6IV)
40. Ditto x2 (6IV)
41. Lapras (BR/6IV)
42. Dragonite (BR/6IV
43. Shaymin (6IV)
44. Amaura (6IV)
45. Shuckle (BR/6IV)


Current Shiny Pokemon

What is this blog?

Hey everyone!

My name is Seth and I am 27yrs old. If you have stumbled upon this blog you may have wondered what exactly it is about. Well obviously it has to do with shiny pokemon but what about them? Well this is a blog documenting my many shiny catches in the world of Pokemon (ORAS and X and Y) along with pictures of them from my 3ds and sprites if I can manage to figure out how to do that. Since I’ve already caught quite a few my next post will be about all the shiny pokemon I’ve gotten so far. After that every time I catch a new shiny pokemon this site will be updated with what pokemon, the method used, how long it took, and a picture and hopefully sprite of a normal pokemon species as well as the shiny version. I will also be uploading a series of pokemon drawings I am working on to keep things interesting. I appreciate comments and if you want to share what pokemon you are hunting feel free to do so. Also if you have a picture of a shiny pokemon you caught feel free to send it to me at along with a brief summary of where/when/how you caught it and I will feature it in this blog as a weekly reader of the week feature. That’s all so I hope you enjoy my shiny adventures in the world of Pokemon!!!


FC: 4828 4508 9134 IGN:  Seth (If you want me to add you send me an email or comment below!)

What is this blog?

My last few catches

So I wanted a more in depth view of my last few catches. A week ago I caught a shiny Kakuna which I found through Dexnaving. If you aren’t aware of what dexnaving is, it is a new method for hunting shiny pokemon that came out with Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (ORAS). If you want more info you can check out this video made by a favorite streamer of mine Otakuhaven72 at

Anyway Kakuna I got through Dexnav at a chain number of 242 which is about average. The surprise was the Zigzagoon I got just after that at a chain number of 3 which is spectacular. And just today as I was at the pharmacy waiting I got a shiny Surskit on a chain of a whopping 578.

Also since I don’t have a good way to take pictures of my shinies until I get a new phone I will be using only sprites but I will post pictures at a later date if I can. This is also the format I will be using, the normal sprite is on the left, the shiny on the right.

Name: Kakuna Level: 31 Dex NO. 014 Nature: Serious Ability: Shed Skin IV’s:

Name: Zigzagoon Level: 2 Dex NO. 263 Nature: Bashful Ability: Gluttony IV’s:

Name: Surskit Level: 48 Dex NO. 283 Nature: Timid Ability: Swift Swim

That’s all for now. I’m hunting for a Trubbish next! Feel free to comment and share your shiny pokemon with me 😀


My last few catches